RELANSON Premium Car Snow Cover - Windshield Snow Cover for Automobiles - Design Protects Windshield and Wipers from Snow, Ice, and Frost Build Up(62"x56")

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  • ✅NO MORE FROZEN FINGERS - Scraping Snow & Ice on Cold Mornings - Just Peel Back Cover and Shake Out - Reverse Side for Sun Shade Protection - EASY TO FIT
  • ✅EASY TO APPLY - It takes just a couple of minutes to unfold your car windshield cover across your front windshield. Secure it by attaching the bungee straps to your wheels. No more using harmful "paint scratching" magnets that blow away in the wind
  • ✅WILL NOT BLOW OFF - WINDPROOF STRAPS attach to Wheels for Perfect Fit. NO PAINT SCRATCHING HOOD MAGNETS. Anti -Theft SUCTION CUPS and SIDE WINGS for smooth close fit to Windshield, less chance of frost and ice build-up under the Cover, custom fit every time
  • ✅EXTRA LONG HOOD SKIRT - Covers Car Wipers and Sprayers - Save on gas and washer fluid - No More Defrosting - EXCLUSIVE SHAPE looks great on any vehicle - Best waterproof exterior automobile protection in bad weather
  • ✅ULTRA SECURE - With its security flaps and ties, the automobile windshield cover can be tucked into the doors. As a result, the auto windshield cover can't be easily stolen, and the car & truck windshield cover stays in place perfectly

Publisher: RELANSON

Details: The Relanson Windshield Snow Cover will make your life so much easier on chilly Winter mornings. Ever try to scrape your windshield of snow or ice in winter morning? Not fun, right? The biting cold, numbing your fingers and toes as you desperately try to take off that pesky ice and hard snow. Now Introducing the Solution to Save Your Time and Energy! Relanson's Car Snow Cover. Just peel this car snow cover off of your windshield and be on your way! In the morning just open the doors, just peel off the Relanson Car Snow Covers and shake off any snow, ice or leaves. Your auto windshield snow cover comes with a convenient storage pouch. Gone are the days spending frigidly cold mornings scraping ice off from your car before you go for your early morning shifts! This car windshield cover is the winter gift for your car that keeps on giving. The car snow cover is made with special high quality military grade water-proof material, making it extremely durable.It will protect your wind screen from snow or frost and also doubles as a car windshield scratch protector and even a sun shade if it doesn't end up snowing! With innovative design, this windshield snow protector fits most vehicles and is completely quick to set up and easy to remove after use. Will my cover fly away? Be at ease, because the snow cover flaps close inside the car doors to ensure a secure fit to your windshield to effectively block the wind so it never flies away and prevents theft. What are you waiting for? Order NOW and wave to your neighbors left scraping and brushing away snow as you drive off with your clean ice free windshield.

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EAN: 713871996272

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.4 x 1.3 inches

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